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Model Carol

Born and raised in New Jersey; definitely makes me a Jersey Girl.

I see myself as a very open minded, free-spirited type of person. Live for today, not for tomorrow. If you want something in life, GO OUT AND GET IT! Make all of your dreams a reality, anything is possible. And always treat people as you would like to be treated, and I believe good things will come your way. Have Fun!

Born:   New Jersey
Nationality:   American
Measurements:   34D-25-35
Hair Color:   Blond
Eyes:   Brown
Clothing Size:   2
Shoe Size:   5

Pets:   Boston Terrier- Sam; English Bulldog- Emma
Car:   2007 White BMW 750

Favorite Color:   Pink
Favorite Day:   April 10th (my birthday)
Favorite Food:   Italian, Seafood, and the ocassional Junk Food
Favorite Drinks:   Starbucks Coffee, Crystal Champagne
Favorite Places:   New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and of course NEW JERSEY!
Favorite Music:   Aerosmith, Aerosmith, AEROSMITH!!!

Hobbies:   Shopping; Working-Out; Traveling; Dancing; AEROSMITH CONCERTS!
Biggest Achievement:  My son Tyler, and being a mom
Likes:   Tattoos, Big Cities, Good Fashion, Exotic Cars, Honesty, Loyalty, Beautiful Women, Free-Spiritedness, Ambitious People, A Beach Lifestyle
Dislikes:   Laziness, Insecurity, Self-Centered People, Animal Cruelty

Biggest Achievement: My son Tyler, and being a mom
Person I Admire Most: Mario, for his drive and determination! Thanks for letting me be me!
People Who Inspire Me: Manon (for her beauty, inside and out), and my mom for her strength, support, and always being there to listen.

People I'd Like To Meet:   Steven Tyler!!!
Hottest Women On The Planet: Pamela Anderson, and Jenna Jameson

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